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Official Country Name: Grenada
Region (Map name): Caribbean
Population: 89,018
Language(s): English, French patois
Literacy rate: 98%

The island of Grenada, located between the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, is one of the smallest independent countries in the western hemisphere. Yet it is the world's second-largest producer of nutmeg and was able to garner military support from the United States when a Marxist faction overthrew the government in 1983. The offensive was successful, and free elections were held again the following year. The population of Grenada is nearly 90,000, and the literacy rate is 98 percent. The official language is English, but many speak French Patois. Grenada is a constitutional monarchy headed by the British monarch, who is represented locally by a Governor General. Heading the government is a Prime Minister, who is chosen by the Governor General. The bicameral parliament consists of a 13-member Senate and a 15-member House of Representatives. Grenada is popularly called the "Spice Island" for its most important export. In addition to its substantial nutmeg production, islanders also export mace, cinnamon, ginger and cloves. Tourism also accounts for a significant sector of the economy, followed by tourism-fueled construction.

Freedom of press is guaranteed by law in Grenada, and the country supports three weekly newspapers: Grenada Today, The Informer, and The Grenadian Voice. Each of these newspapers appears in English and publishes on Friday. Grenada Today contributes its content to the Web portal .

Grenada hosts three radio stations, one FM and two AM, which serve approximately 57,000 radios. Two television stations broadcast to approximately 33,000 televisions. There are 14 Internet service providers.


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