San Marino

San Marino

Basic Data

Official Country Name: Republic of San Marino
Region (Map name): Europe
Population: 26,937
Language(s): Italian
Literacy rate: 96%

The Republic of San Marino, the world's smallest republic and Europe's oldest state, is situated entirely within Italy's borders. There are five daily newspapers within the country's total area of 61.2 square kilometers. However, due to its location and small size (the entire country is only about one-third the size of Washington, D.C.), it relies on the Italian press for its news coverage. Most regional and Italian national newspapers, particularly Il Resto del Carlino , include San Marino coverage. Daily newspaper circulation is approximately 72 per 1,000 people.

The country has one state-owned television station and one state-owned radio station, but San Marino also receives Italian television broadcasts. The country has two Internet service providers as of 2001. The literacy rate in San Marino is extremely high—96 percent—and citizens enjoy a free press. The country's per capita income was $32,000 in 2000.

Nearly all of San Marino's citizens speak Italian, the official language, and the majority of the country is Roman Catholic. San Marino's political system is a democracy, with five major political parties.


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