Basic Data

Official Country Name: Tuvalu
Region (Map name): Oceania
Population: 10,838
Language(s): Tuvaluan, English
Literacy rate: N/A

Tuvalu is a scattered group of nine coral atolls in the South Pacific Ocean between Hawaii and Australia. Formerly a British colony, Tuvalu declared independence in 1978. The population is approximately 11,000, and the official languages are English and Tuvaluan. The chief of state is the British monarch, represented locally by a governor general. The head of state is a prime minister, who presides over a 12-seat House of Assembly. Tuvalu's economy centers around subsistence farming and fishing. The country's primary source of revenue comes from a trust fund established in 2000 with fees from the licensing of its Internet country code; this fund could triple the country's gross national product over the next decade.

Although the media community is small, media freedom is respected. The government publishes the fortnightly newspaper called Tuvalu Echoes (Sikuleo o Tuvalu) in two editions, one in Tuvaluan, the other in English. Its circulation is 260.

There is one AM radio station serving 4,000 radios. There are 800 televisions in Tuvalu but no local television station. There is one Internet service provider.


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Tuvalu is one of the most wonderful countries of the world.But it is not highly accessible.I have viewed most of the great and beautiful scenes of it.They were really attractive.Does Tuvalu have its own radio to listen to?If it has can you email us?Because I am keen to know how people live there?May Tuvalus flag flutter forever.

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