Norfolk Island

Norfolk Island

Basic Data

Official Country Name: Norfolk Island
Region (Map name): Oceania
Population: 1,892
Language(s): English, Norfolk
Literacy rate: N/A

Named in honor of a duchess, Norfolk Island's history is far from regal. Claimed by the British in 1774, colonists twice tried to establish a penal colony here with no success. By 1856, the tropical, South Pacific island had become home to mutineers from the infamous Her Majesty's Armed Vessel Bounty. Their descendants still live on the island today. The official language is English, but many speak a local Norfolk dialect, a mixture of eighteenth century English and ancient Tahitian. The population is approximately 1,900. Norfolk Island is a territory of Australia. Its chief of state is the English monarch, represented locally by an Administer chosen by the Governor General of Australia. An Assembly President and Chief Minister presides over the Legislative Assembly, a nine-member unicameral body. Tourism is the largest segment of the economy, and the island caters to tourists from Australia and New Zealand.

Norfolk Island enjoys freedom of speech and press under British and Australian law. There is no daily newspaper. A weekly, The Norfolk Islander, appears every Saturday and prints in English. Founded in 1965, its circulation is 1,250. The Chief Administrative Office also publishes an English-language weekly called the Norfolk Island Government Gazette, which provides government news and information.

There are three FM radio stations serving 2,500 radios. One television station broadcasts locally to 1,200 televisions. There are two Internet service providers.


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